What Is #Profits4Pride?

As part of  TheGayShop’s commitment to the LGBT+ community, we give away 10% of our profits to Pride Festivals all across the UK that we support. So far we’ve raised £2,000 for prides though online sales. This money will be donated to the committee of each festival to spend how they see fit in supporting future Pride events in their town. Where a committee may disband or future pride events be cancelled then we shall donate the money to local LGBT+ charities within that town…


Why Support Pride?

Pride events or marches are very important to show the visibility of the LGBT+ communities within towns and cities, not only across the UK but across the whole world. There are still may phobias and prejudices towards LGBT+ people in todays society, and Prides go a long way to help bring people together from all walks of life, Gay, Straight, Bi, Trans, Poly, to name a few. It’s this coming together once a year that allows us to have a conversation with our community and to celebrate what it means to be LGBT+. Having attended many pride events across the UK and being behind a stall all day, you get a real opportunity to meet everyone and hear points of view. I’ve been called disgusting, wrong, and preached to about how we’re a danger to children. On the other side I’ve met grandmothers who have a gay grandson and want to know more about our community so they can support him, to young students who are unsure on their own sexuality but are there to feel part of something different they can’t get at home or from school. To the haters I have just as much time to talk with, as often through conversation they leave feeling like they have a better understanding of what it means to be LGBT+. However, this is a celebration. Some Prides are supported by large corporations, yet many rely on the small donations from their community to keep their day of visibility alive. This is why we shall be supporting Prides and your purchases also help go a little way towards keeping them running each year. Thank you. Graham, Jake & the team.


Our Sponsored Prides For 2017

TheGayShop shall be sponsoring the following Prides in 2017. Do come by and say hello.

North Wales Pride – 23/25 June

Essex Pride – 24th June

Bournemouth Pride – 30th June

London Pride – 7/9th July

Liverpool Pride – 28/30th July

Warwickshire Pride – 19th August

Herts Pride – 2nd September